Sunday, May 13, 2018

Lebanon trail work data Tues May 15 6pm

From the Facebook Coach Group:

In case you haven't noticed, most, if not all of the local trails have opened, with one glaring exception: Lebanon Hills Mountain Bike Trail. In order to expedite the opening, long time League Core Staff member Jack Pershing is spearheading an effort to repair the trails so Leb can open sooner rather than later.

We cordially invite you, your spouse, friends, and of course your student athletes to provide some much needed woman/man power this Tuesday night at 6 pm. You'll meet Jack and the Leb trail gnomes in the parking lot. The gates will be closed soon after. Please wear your team jerseys or garb and encourage your athletes to do the same.

If you have any questions you can reach out to Jack via cell 952-210-3278. Let's get Leb open!

HPMTB 2018 Pre-season newsletter

Here’s an edited version of Coach Allan’s newsletter … (for public distribution):


… Pitzone registration: There is a one-day waiver for those interested in trying out the team for one practice.  After that, all riders and coaches must be registered in Pitzone before practicing with the team.  This will be strictly enforced.  If you have not received an invitation from Pitzone, let me know and I will send out the invitation.

Team apparel kit:  Jerseys and shorts are currently available from Podiumwear. (Password in newsletter.) If you are unsure about sizing, stop by Podiumwear to try on samples. The design is the same as last year and the following styles are available: men’s short sleeve jersey $80, women’s short sleeve jersey $80, men’s standard short $110, men’s bib short $120, women’s standard short $110 and women’s bib short $120.  This clothing is not required for just riding with the team, however the MN League does require the jersey for racing.  If families want to save a little money on clothing or prefer looser-fitting shorts, any black cycling short will look great with the uniform.  

Check out the short options at One Ten Cycles or Now Bikes.  I would also reiterate that anyone who bought a new jersey last year does not need to order another one this season as the design is the same.  While the design for the short is the same the shorts were updated since last year and are claimed to have a better fit.   The Podiumwear storefront will close on June 1 with delivery around early July.  A second ordering opportunity will be July 16th for delivery around the time of the first race. *Note-If you have a jersey or short that no longer fits, please let Miriam know; she can assist with reselling to a team member at reduced price. (URL and password in newsletter)

Goals:  Start thinking about goals for the season.  I’ll be sending out a questionnaire in the next couple of weeks for you to complete.

 Race Schedule:

o   8/26/18 Austin

o   9/16/18 Gamehaven-Rochester

o   9/30/18 Detroit Lakes

o   10/14/18 Spirit Mtn-Duluth

o   10/27&28/18 Mt Kato-Mankato

Loaner Bikes: Let me know if you need a loaner bike for the season.  These are available from both the MN League and our team.  Bikes are limited so act fast.

The local shops offer discounts to NICA riders and coaches:

o   One Ten - Big discounts on all Trek brand bikes, clothing, parts

o   Eriks  - Discount on bikes

o   NOW Fitness

Practice schedule: We will be populating the schedule with practices and events so keep track of the TeamSnap calendar.   Official practices start after July 1st.  There will be a few pre-season practices before then.  Let me know if you don’t have access to TeamSnap.

·         We will be having a Mechanical Tech night at One Ten Bicycles before the season starts with the date TBD.  Watch TeamSnap calendar.

·         Training: Work on building a solid fitness base in the pre-season with lots of easy-paced rides.  Also, this time of the year work on strength with resistance training.  Focus on core strength -plank variations; lower body exercises like squats, lunges, dead lifts; and upper body exercises like pushups, pullups, dips.  You don't need to use heavy weights; body weight exercises are great!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dues due - please mail $100 to Paul Johnson

Most school activities ask for money up front — then make you do painful fund raisers. If you drop out of the team,  you don’t get your dues back.

This year the Highland Mountain Biking Team is much more civilized. No painful fund raisers, and you get all that great coaching before you pay.

If you’ve paid your dues for the season thank you very much. If, like me, you forgot to bring a check to our post-season dinner (thank you Hooley family!) you can mail one to Paul Johnson:

… Our team dues have finally been determined (just to cover costs form this past season). See the tabs in our detailed Highland MTB Team Budget for details.

It is our goal to reimburse ride leaders the $47 for their league registration and background check, unless you let us know that you’d like make that a team donation (note it when you email check). Also, please let us know if you incurred other expenses for the team that you'd like to be reimbursed for.

2014 Team Dues: $100 per racer

Please make your check out to the Highland Park Mountain Bike Team.

Mail to:

Paul Johnson, Highland Mountain Biking

2151 Randolph Ave

St Paul, MN 55105

***Please consider adding a donation to your team dues of $50, $100 or more.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Year End Party: Sunday November 2nd at Hooley Home.

Our year end party will be at the Hooley home: 405 Portland Ave, St Paul, MN 55102 next Sunday, November 2nd.

Start with a ride at Lebanon Hills in Eagan at 2:30 followed by a very casual pot-luck dinner at our house. 

The Hooeley’s will supply chili (one vegetarian option and one meat option). If people would like to volunteer to bring the following, it would be great:

corn bread/bread

At the party, we should discuss a few business matters such as finances for this year, fundraising/finances for next year and general plans for next year.

John F is going to try to put a slideshow together that will run during the party.

Please send a note to with what you can bring.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

2014: Race #5 – Whitetail Ridge Sunday Oct 26 (final 2014)

First - put your numbers in your car now so you don’t forget them.

Our calendar is up to date with race starts, the official details are on the race site:


Race Profile - from David Moore (Peter’s Dad): (zoom in and switch to Satellite view)
(it doesn’t feel that up and down, but I guess it us!)

Race strategy for the finisher (not trying to win - seeking to finish tired but with style and have fun)

  • The race starts with a long climb. Stay to the right and go at 80% so you have energy at the top; stay in your seat to conserve energy. There are periodic gravel bumps, get some momentum so you get up and over without spinning wheels.
  • There’s one other smaller but similar climb - play it the same way.
  • After each of those two climbs there’s an grassy flat or slow climb are around open fields. This is where you can pass when you’re ready — often at the top of the climb. There’s good room to pass there.
  • The rest of the trail is fairly narrow — there won’t be much passing. 
  • After the first open field there’s a stretch with several bridges. Approach with steady speed and look ahead, they’re no problem.
  • Not a lot of berms on this trail, remember to stay on the outside edge.
  • There are some narrow spots and the roots are tricky. Keep eyes open, look ahead, and lift your front wheel to cruise over the roots. If there’s someone ahead of it’s easy to spot the fun stuff.
  • There’s a lot of fun up and down, trick is to stay in an solid gear so you can get speed on the down and cruise up the other side.
  • Have a great time, and remember than once you start the 3rd lap you are sure to finish. So just be steady and finish fast.

Course review - David Moore

The course starts with a sweeping right across a wide flat grassy field for 150 meters. An immediate dive into the forest yields a seriously steep 250-meter-long climb up a rutted, slightly loose Jeep road: don't get caught in the big ring entering the woods. It's a leg-burner, by far the likeliest place to pass or be passed on the whole course.

Then there's about a half mile of flat wide grassy path around a plowed field -- further opportunities to pass or be passed.

Almost all of the rest of the course (excepting two more long flat grassy runs alongside plowed fields) is singletrack: often twisty, with roots, a half-dozen low short wooden bridges, and frequent rises and dips. It's at about the same technical level as most of Lebanon Hills, though not as rocky as the Expert and XX sections there.

The last fourth of the race loop is flat to rolling, but still singletrack. All in all, it's a challenging course, requiring constant alertness and resourceful riding.

Season Awards Ceremony Nov 1 7pm Hopkins

Season Awards Ceremony 2014 – Minnesota High School Cycling League has the details, and I’ve added them to the Calendar entry.

Racers should wear team jerseys, but otherwise “semi-formal”. Free, donations accepted at door.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mt Kato Race information is online - deadline for online registration is Tues. Oct. 7, 2014 at Midnight!

Yes, I know we’re still recovering from Rochester, but Mt Kato is open us.

The web page has the usual information:

Deadline to preregister is Tuesday 10/7 midnight. Tomorrow!

"The course starts with a nice warm-up climb to the top of the ski area. Once on top, all racers make a large traverse along the back of the ski area. The course has a good balance of climbs, descents and technical sections with switchbacks. Approximate vertical gain per 4 mile lap is 400 feet.”