Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pit Zone registrations - complete and mail

Your turn is coming to do some homework, riders and parents!  I've got our team registered in the NICA "Pit Zone" under "Highland Park."  I will soon be sending out "invitations" from the Pit Zone to all of you to register. 

This registration is a key step toward insurance and being able to ride as a team.  When you finish registering, you will be provided a link to the NICA waiver.  The waiver also needs to be filled out and sent to the NICA office in CA.  They need to have one for each of our registered riders.  However, our team is also supposed to maintain a copy of the waivers.  So, If you can, please print out and sign two waivers and send one to CA and one to me. 
Paul Johnson, Highland MTB ad hoc admin guy
2151 Randolph Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105
You may want to review the Pit Zone FAQ for Riders before you start the process.  A few key points:

1. When you register, you will need to include your and your parents' contact info as well as health insurance info.
2. You will also need to specify your "category" during registration.  In the FAQ, it says that riders of first year teams (that's us) should only register as Freshman, Sophomore or JV (depending on your year in the fall (Jrs and Srs register as JV).  There is also a category for Middle School (7th/8th grade).
3. The cost will be $10 for NICA and $40 for the MN League.  The NICA box is checked by default but you will have to check the MN League box.  Thus, a total of $50.  You don't need to pay the registration for the races just yet unless you are totally fired up!
4. When you have completed the registration process, print out and sign two waivers.  One to be sent to the address in CA (provided on the form and online) and one to my address.

So, watch for the invite email from NICA.  I will be using the email address we have listed for you (riders -you may have used your own or a parents email address so go looking).  You have to use that email address to register (but can change your signon info later, if you wish).

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