Monday, July 28, 2014

Planned rides on wiki and calendar

Our team page has a link to a schedule of planned rides. These rides also show up on our team calendar, which you can subscribe to (iPhone, Mac, Windows, Google Calendar, etc).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jersey Design and Team Meeting

Highland Park Mountain Bike Team -

It's time to order our team gear and we need your help.  We would like to incorporate your ideas and designs into our jersey!  You can send us sketches, color suggestions or samples of your favorite jersey design.

Please send your ideas no later than this Thursday July 24 to parent Matt Johnson who is coordinating the jerseys at:

We will take these ideas and then have 2-3 versions of the jersey designed for the team to vote on a final version to be produced.  We have selected St. Paul company Podiumwear to produce the jerseys.  A number of schools have successfully used Podiumwear.  The cost of the short sleeve jersey will be $60.  For more information on the jerseys you can go and review the silver series jersey.

Additional clothing options are available including matching shorts, long sleeve jerseys, and t-shirts if there is interest.

We are SCHEDULING A MEETING for 6:30-7:30pm, Wednesday July 30 at Now Bikes & Fitness, 75 Snelling Ave, St. Paul, MN  55104.  

At the meeting, we will finalize clothing orders, review team training for August and complete any remaining paperwork.  And, of course, it would be a great time to consider gear you want/need and ask questions about bikes.  We will also have sample jerseys available for team members to try on and select their size.  It is important we finalize our team order no later than August 1 to be sure our jerseys are ready for the first race on September 7.  We will also take orders for shorts at this meeting.

Again, please send your jersey design ideas and any questions to Matt Johnson
More info on ride opportunities coming soon.
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Insurance and wiki page

We are insured. With a handful of parents that have offered to be Ride Leaders/Volunteers, we are looking at some dates to get together and ride! I hope to be in touch soon with more dates, times and locations. In the meantime:

1. Reminder: tonight is a Try it Out session at Carver. Tues, July 15, is another Try it Out at Murphy.
2. Sunday is a MN MTB series race in Duluth (citizen class free for HS)
3. Tentatively plan on Wed, July 16, 6:30-8:00pm for a first team ride at Lebanon!! Low key. We'll send more info beforehand. Will likely do a quick bike/gear check, ensure we have waivers for everyone and review some group ride safe practices. And, of course, get on the trails! There are a variety of trail difficulty levels so no worries! Please let me know if you plan to make it.

Please try to do the NICA registration and waivers before we ride next Wed. I will at least have to have the waiver before you can ride (signed by parents). If you need me to send the NICA invitation to you again, just let me know.

Finally, we are going to switch to a wiki web page which will be easier to keep updated. Here is the address: It still needs some info added but has most of the key stuff:

1. Home page for immediate action news. Including yet another form to fill out with emergency contact info. Thanks for getting it done!
2. News page in blog format. Note that the past few emails are archived on the News page in blog format so you can access that past info. Thanks, John Faughnan, for setting that up!
3. Calendar. Google. So can subscribe.
4. And some other pages that will get beefier as we roll ...

And we'll try to add some more group rides soon! Stay tuned! As always, feel free to send questions my way

Paul Johnson, 651-285-2970

Parent Homework: Ride Leaders/Vols

Hi, Highland MTB!  This email is more for parents.  In order to get the NICA insurance, we have to have at least a couple adult riders who have passed the basic licensing requirements.  At this point, we are OK just having adults who have met the level of General Volunteer.  Eventually, we will need some parents to complete the Ride Leader requirements.  An explanation about the NICA licensing program can be found at this link:

Basically, the GV requirements include a background check, waiver, concussion training (free) and registration.  The background check costs $22 and the registration is $25.  Total $47.  I'm not in a position to make any promises, but it is my hope that team dues and fundraising will cover these fees and you can be reimbursed.  I've already submitted the background check and completed the concussion training.  Fairly painless but it does take a small chunk of time (30-60 min??).

Please email me if you intend to follow through on these requirements and I will send you an invite through the Pit Zone (just like our riders) so you can register.  Sounds like a fun task for the weekend!  :)

You might also find these links helpful:
Safe Kids Program (NICA).  Might want to take a look at the second half of the first page.  HP might also have some additional policies regarding transportation that Erik and I will look into later (probably in mid-Aug when teachers and staff start to return to school).

Paul Johnson
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