Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trail Ride Sunday 8/31, Race news, buying guide

Lots of news related to weather, race venue, and the like. We had to cancel the Saturday ride due to wet trails. So we have a Sunday ride (it's in our website Calendar).

Sunday, 8/31 Trail Ride 3-5 at Theo Wirth, Glenwood spur
Tomorrow's team ride will be at Theodore Wirth park @ 3pm. We will primarily be riding the Glenwood spur beginning at Glenwood Ave & Theo Wirth Pkwy, which is where we will meet to start practice. If you will be driving there, the easiest parking is just east on Glenwood Ave near the swim beach. Please plan to arrive and be ready to ride by 3pm, and of course let me know if you have any conflicts. 
Team jerseys have shipped and we should have them next week. I'll let you know as soon as we have them.  I have most rider's waiver forms, but not everyone's so please, Please! make sure to get those submitted to myself and the League (I can scan/send the forms if needed). 
Also, check back on the Pit Zone to make sure you have registered for and have paid for Race #1!
More on our venue change to Buck Hill
We have moved Race #1 for the 2014 Season from Salem HIlls to Buck Hill in Burnsville. 
We will be sending out a SingleTrack Times later today, but please do share this information with your racers, parents and volunteers.  
Due to construction at Salem Hills Elementary School, parking would not be available for the over 400 estimated racers and their families. We have moved the first race to Buck Hill on a new course that has similar technical features to Salem Hills but minimizes the sustained climbing. New course distance is 2.8 miles. 
Race Flyer and Course Map are available on this webpage.  
Race Features (Pit Zone, Feedzone... are being worked out this weekend and the map will be updated before the race.) 

There's a document on bike features and buying options added to our website. I've also been told Jonny Rock Bikes in Hopkins has a good selection of quality used mountain bikes.

[1] Mountain bikers are fine in the rain, but urban trails can't handle it.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Saturday Aug 30 practice moving to Buck Hll

More details to come, but I've updated the calendar to have location at Buck Hill. That's where next week's race will be.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Change in venue to Buck Hill and new Facebook Group

We’ve created a Facebook group for easy communication and sharing tips:

Anyone can join. It’s public so you can read it if you’re not on Facebook (but remember anything you post there is public).

In other news we’ve been moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill for race 1. From Facebook:

It's official - Race 1 is being moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill. Unfortunately the active construction zone around the elementary school will prevent us from using any school grounds including the parking lot.

Our staff has worked with Buck Hill to develop a course that has a similar technical features to Salem and minimize the sustained climbing. An announcement will be sent to all coaches later today with a communications to parents/athletes Friday.

and via email

Our first race of the season is being moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill. A wet spring has caused a delay in construction at Salem Hills Elementary. The school is used as our primary parking lot and our Pit Zone (team tent area). Without it, we lack the space and parking to hold a league event.

The core staff has worked with the trail crew at Buck Hill to develop a course suitable for a first race. Each of series races become more difficult in technical features and physical ability. The technical riding skills required is comparable to Salem. The course distances have been reduced to 3 mile laps to bring the finish times for all riders within the time windows outlined in the NICA rule book. You can view the course here:

We strongly suggest that all athletes pre-ride the course. Pre-ride will be open from 1-4PM on Saturday, September 6th. Please note that Buck Hill is private property and cannot be ridden without prior authorization from Buck Hill staff.

There’s a map of the new course.

I’ve heard rumor that we’ll change our Sat ride location, but for now the calendar says Salem Hills.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Highland MTB News and Practices 8/12-8/17

1.  Please get a basic tool kit and a method for carrying it on rides(under seat bag, small backpack, etc.), including the following:

  • spare inner tube (small patch kit optional)
  • 2 tire levers
  • inflation method (small pump or CO2 kit)
  • multi tool (or small collection of basic tools)
  • money (it can be a good idea to carry $10-20 for emergencies)
  • cell phone (in plastic bag - protect it from rain and sweat)
  • I.D. (even just hand-written -- your name, a phone number where someone could reach your loved ones)

2.  Please be sure to send email if you will be missing any practices or have any questions about practices.

3.  Please follow this link to find or offer rides to practices and rides (these events are also on our team Google Calendar)

TRAINING AND EVENTS CALENDAR (click here to see the complete, interactive calendar where you can record ride details, and find or offer rides to events)

Week of
Aug 11 -
Aug 18
Coaches, Ride Leaders, Racers Attending, Notes
I Need a Ride (provide name & contact info)
I Can Provide a Ride
(provide name & contact info)
Tues, 8/12
Independent Strength Training: Choose at least 3 exercises from this list:

Wed, 8/13
Skills Practice at the Deer Pen (contact Coach Peterson if you are not sure where this is), 2-4 p.m.
Coaches: Peterson
Ride Leaders:

Thurs, 8/14
Independent Hills Ride: Hill Repeats: During your ride, find a huge hill. Sprint up it. Repeat 3 more times. Smile.
Please post your contact info here if you'd like to ride with a teammate:

List your name, mileage, and ride time here:

Fri, 8/15
Trail Ride at Battle Creek (meet at the rec center again, 1-3 p.m.:

Coaches: Peterson
Ride Leaders:

Sat, 8/16
Trail Ride at Salem Hills, 10-12 a.m.

Trail Directions and Conditions
Coaches: Peterson
Ride Leaders:

Sun, 8/17
Independent Strength Training: Choose at least 3 exercises from this list:

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reminders Aug 5 2014: record ride, practice schedule, NICA registration, video

1. REMINDER: Record your ride data from today's ride on the Events Planning Calendar.

2. Complete the Practice Schedule Survey (if you haven't already done so).

4. Complete your NICA Registration. See the Pit Zone Invitation you got in your email a while ago. If you didn't see it, search your spam folder. If you don't register, you can't ride with us. Abe, Cole, Ray, Thomas and Tim have done this already. Ask them if you have questions.

Finally, a challenge: watch the video How to Mountain Bike Better - 5 Backyard Drills for Awesome MTB Skills. Try one of these drills before our next practice. Be ready to tell us which drill you did and how it went.

Can't wait to ride at Battle Creek with you Wednesday evening!

Coach Peterson
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