Thursday, August 28, 2014

Change in venue to Buck Hill and new Facebook Group

We’ve created a Facebook group for easy communication and sharing tips:

Anyone can join. It’s public so you can read it if you’re not on Facebook (but remember anything you post there is public).

In other news we’ve been moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill for race 1. From Facebook:

It's official - Race 1 is being moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill. Unfortunately the active construction zone around the elementary school will prevent us from using any school grounds including the parking lot.

Our staff has worked with Buck Hill to develop a course that has a similar technical features to Salem and minimize the sustained climbing. An announcement will be sent to all coaches later today with a communications to parents/athletes Friday.

and via email

Our first race of the season is being moved from Salem Hills to Buck Hill. A wet spring has caused a delay in construction at Salem Hills Elementary. The school is used as our primary parking lot and our Pit Zone (team tent area). Without it, we lack the space and parking to hold a league event.

The core staff has worked with the trail crew at Buck Hill to develop a course suitable for a first race. Each of series races become more difficult in technical features and physical ability. The technical riding skills required is comparable to Salem. The course distances have been reduced to 3 mile laps to bring the finish times for all riders within the time windows outlined in the NICA rule book. You can view the course here:

We strongly suggest that all athletes pre-ride the course. Pre-ride will be open from 1-4PM on Saturday, September 6th. Please note that Buck Hill is private property and cannot be ridden without prior authorization from Buck Hill staff.

There’s a map of the new course.

I’ve heard rumor that we’ll change our Sat ride location, but for now the calendar says Salem Hills.