Friday, September 5, 2014

Race Weekend: Meet pre-ride 2pm Sat, be onsite at least 1 hour before your race.

Hi, everyone.  Coach (Paul) Johnson here.  We have 9 riders registered and race ready for this weekend!  We are racing Division 2. It makes a difference for knowing which wave you need to start with.  Middle School is the only category that does does not divide by Division.  Here are our riders!! 
MS Boys Race (9:00, 1 lap=2.8mi): Cole, EmmettSoph Boys Div 2 Race (12:03, 3 laps = 8.4mi): Luke, JulianFrosh Boys Div 2 Race (12:09, 2 laps = 5.6mi): MichaelJV Boys Div 2 Race (2:06, 4 laps=11.2mi): Abe, Thomas, Tim, Ray
Note that race day will be a long day.  It would be terrific if you are able to come and stay for the whole day and cheer on your teammates!  Bring homework, a camp chair, snacks and drinks.  If you really can't stay the whole day, we hope you can at least overlap with one other race to be there for your team.  

The weather looks fantastic this weekend.  But we know races later in the season will bring us fun surprises.  It doesn't hurt to always be prepared with some warm clothes, rain gear, tights, full fingered gloves, perhaps arm warmers or a long sleeve to wear under your jersey, etc.  Even this weekend, the early morning races may still be a little chilly.  Having a race bag ready to go for the season can be super helpful.  Check the NICA sample equipment list below (link) for more ideas on what to bring.

Sat Pre-Ride:  Open 1-4pm.  WE WILL MEET AT 2:00.  Note that pre-ride opens at 1:00 but we will not meet until 2:00.  Coaches Matt Johnson and Paul Johnson will be on hand to help you get your race numbers and check out the course.  You must have your race number attached before you can pre-ride the course.  Take advantage of the pre-ride!  It is extremely helpful to know the course.  You will want to be looking for pass zones, places to make a strong move, the best line for corners and more.  Ride tricky spots more than once to dial them in.  Seeing all of this the day before allows you time to visualize rocking the course!

Sun Race Day: You should be on site at least a full hour before your race.  If you are there early to cheer on teammates, even better!!  We will have two tents at our site, a red-covered tent and a NOW tent.  Coaches Paul Johnson and Matt Johnson will be your primary contacts (Coach Peterson hopes to catch the races, if possible).  NOW will have a mechanic on hand and some extra supplies (if needed)!  If for some reason, you can't make the pre-ride on Sat, the course is also available for pre-ride on race day from 8:00-8:45am (can't start later than 8:15am).  

You will want to do some warming up starting at least 45 min prior to your start time.  Expect staging (lining up) to begin 20-30 min before your race.  Check the links below for more race day info (especially the race flyer and equipment checklist).  Don't forget your race jersey!

Coach Paul Johnson, 651-285-2970
Coach Matt Johnson, 651-470-7048

PS. races we have riders in are on our calendar (boys only at moment).

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